my guilty pleasure's day!

okay, xo t0day's Pang's 22nd year.
surprised her wit balloons and pizza..another nonstop-eating-story. XD

September 12
party at Pump2 started at around 10pm and ended past 3am

September 13
she woke me up around 11am..&& i felt the hunger in my tummy. we were chatting about not coming to review when she suddenly asked me to accompany her to buy food [[i honestly forgot about the birthday thingy.. :o]]

and xo we went to Sr. Perdo to buy roasted chickensss. lol
headed straight to Red Ribbon and bought party spaghetti and cakes.

twas past 12nn when we arrived home..xo everyone had already eaten. hihi [[good thing ra pud! XD]] but our 77A chickas are whale eaters..as long as there's food on the table, we will surely eat 'em all up! ohh yuhh! \m/
no pictures available since we were all busy eating && making fun wit each other..hihi

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Sweet. *_*