i just..!

i love it when..

→ i love it when you kiss me && i feel you smiling

→ i love it when you hold my hand && i feel close to you

→ i love it when you look into my eyes && if only for a moment all the bad things in the world go away

→ i love it when you hug me && i feel xoo safe

→ i love it when you kiss my forhead..it makes me feel like no one can hurt me

→ but what i love the most is when you are wit me.. <33

i want you to..

→ i want you to steal me a kiss in front of yar friends

→ i want you to hold my hand whenever people are staring at us

→ i want you to fight for me!

→ i want you to hug me from the behind in front of yar family

→ i want you to be here for me

→ above all, i want you to love me wit all you got..because tat's what am doing..&& will always will.

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Kattt said...

How true that you have a new BF huh?