march on October

i had spent 4 years in my college life..meeting my different batch of schoolmates/classmates/dutymates && luckily, knowing some of them..and becoming their friends.

last night, i witnessed the graduation ceremony of BSN students batch 2008 (October)..watching them on their toga wit their family opened my eyes wider to reality.

i met these people not knowing tat i could treasure them much as i do today..they have painted smiles on my face..&& lifted my spirit at my most down moments. they taught me how to have fun && enjoy life..to see the outside world far from where i have grown..bigger than i've ever seen..they have given me kindness..everything tat friends are.
all these people made my college life worthy && meaningful..colourful, if i may say..

memories of them are written on tiz chapter..&& as they walked on stage to receive their diploma..i know it's a closing point..&& xo i wave farewell. i watched them go.

i'll be left here holding tiz chapter close to my heart..for i will always cherish all what's written here..all the memories i have shared wit you..cause i know one day we'll meet again in the crossroad of our lives..&& together we will open tiz chapter, && will look back to all tat's written.. ü

congratulations the BEST GROUP!
am xooo proud of y'all..hope y'all have a happy path ahead.

i miss y'all. :c
i love you! :x

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