to go home or not??

okay, time’s up! semestral break is going on && yet i still havent decided the obvious:
to go home or not to go home.

i almost had a quarrel wit my mom since arrrrgh..things! i cannot just simply neither write nor utter..duhh! what’s wit going home anyway? an ordinary place tat needs the presence of an extraordinary girl, perhaps? naaah..not a chance.

the truth is, i really dont wanna go home..at least, not now.
am still in a state of disagreement wit myself && the universe..and i think i've found my niche here in Cebu. it's not tat i dont miss my family..hell! i miss them in every waking day of my city life! it's just tat..*sigh* i just cant face the world today.. :c

there are really some circumstances tat are unfathomable && there are some things tat are better left unsaid. most of all..some things are better best forgotten..i dont want history to repeat itself.

ironically..am still hanging on to my sanity even though my dream of undisturbed happiness has resulted to intense skepticism.. :c


J-E-B-A said...

wa man ka ning uLi gani Lagi. ayyyyaaaaayyyyyy. Onsa ng niche d.i? hihihi

Kattt said...

If im not mistaken, you said before that cebu is NOT and will NEVER be your niche. but, hmmmm! something's fishy. fishing. fishing. hehehe

What makes cebu a comfy place to live in relky huh?