less lonely grrl

i get it, my dear..spare me from yar lunatic fantasy..
i dont need to be adored cause i have more than tat. && if you think ya'r too cool for them..then good thing! i obviously dont live for their expectations..never my damn duty to please anyone but me.


Kattt said...

Taray! I miss you Relcky idol!

beautiFOOL said...

I like...!
Right! you are who you are! if they do not like you, or whatever. who cares?
You don't have to please anybody.

Be strong, confident, and sure as hell not afraid to kick your ass. be proud of yourself, and not ashamed to say that. you have probably been through more s**t than they ever will in your whole life.
Stay tough! take care...

J-E-B-A said...

ana jOd! pyter kaajO nis party girL duh. idOL!

igatmate said...

lingaw ni sya... hehehe

we are not born to please anyone gyud! keber! kaber! =)