i cry. :l

when ya'r on yar darkest moment..the least you can do is to coil && sob at the corner..i do tat, too.
for the most part, it helps us relieve ourselves by letting drops of water fall from our eyes.

i havent learned of how many muscles it take to cry..either more or less than to smile..the thing is, we find comfort the way babies do. the only disparity is tat we weep to comfort ourselves..while babies do to be calmed by others. auspicious enough..grown ups dont have to exhibit their ugly faces. we'd rather cry in silence than be piteous. what's sad somehow, by putting walls to conceal our weakness..we isolate ourselves from those who want to help..building ramparts up to keep us from being pathetic..pushes us to be unaided && bleak.

at times, i marvel what's more vulnerable-–to suffer alone, away from pitiful judgments && fix my own self without help from others..or shed tears to people && let them fix me.
either way, the point is..i NEVER learn to outgrow crying! WTF! :c

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