save me!

i really disliked these moments of inertness..for tat’s when emotions could come stealing in like a thief in the night..

enrollment had passed && here i am xoo desperate of finding major distractions.
i need something to keep me on the go! but what does Relc really want? hummm..it seems tat saying answers out loud is surprisingly harder than saying them in yar head. i know what to do..but i effing dont know where to start!? trying to complete the jigsaw huh? nah.

i havent had enough sleep since arrrrgh! my mind is somewhere in Pluto! mom’s texts made me restless all day..am more restless knowing tat i have to stand up from being stepped && pushed to the ground..ghaaaaad!? kaya ko ba itetch?! well..life’s like tat.. :l


J-E-B-A said...

kayang kaya na! c reLc pa!? sisiw!

Kattt said...

Go beauty! You can do it!