November rains

too tired to try anything right now..
i've been THROUGH a lot since tiz year started. && i know whatever happened then..it made me a whole lot STRONGER.

i've been forever searching for the TRUE MEANING OF MY EXISTENCE here in tiz fcuked-up world.

i've met a lot of great people along the way, some stayed while some VANISHED..together wit their PROMISES OF FOREVER. :c

i learned tat the GREATEST PAIN in tiz world is not losing someone you love..it's about knowing tat you are NOT NEEDED BY ANYONE..&& yar existence doesnt mean a thing to the ones you care about the most..

am having a HARD TIME dealing wit the PAST.

when i was younger, i wished tat i would grow up immediately because i thought tat being a grown-up would be great!
but it turned out to be NOT. :l

i HATE responsibilities!
i have NO CHOICE but to accept them && be obliged to do things which i DO NOT want to do in the first place. :l

the more i get older, the more i discover tat it is VERY PAINFUL to live in tiz bullshit world!

full of lies && DECEPTIONS.

am at tiz point where my pain CANNOT be mended by time..
it only makes it a lot DEEPER.

ima changed person now..but am not sure if tiz is for the better.

i just hope tat FATE wont be xo cruel tiz time around.. :s


Anonymous said...

ok lng yan gurl....go on prin ang life. ^_*

Dylan S. Rickman said...

The unendless drama of life still goes on. Cope up kid!

J-E-B-A said...

drama kwin na ka. diLi na party girL. saktO ba? hihihihi

igatmate said...

i know u can always make it through the rain... hehehe

smile nmn dyan! =)

Anonymous said...

Mind over matter. Just think positive & the universe will do good things for. Go for the positive energy. Go "for the better".