because i am a WINNER. :p

i’ve been itching to do tiz for the longest time! my fingers have minds on their own..they wanted to tap the keyboard && begin transforming my thoughts into words..

it has been a living hell for me these past few weeks..i was xo unfortunate tat i almost forgot the things tat made me what i am right now. last week’s event proved tat the world is xo tough..tiz week proves tat i am tougher !

am back in the game! hummm..i wonder what is on "candie’s",) mind right now..watch out, sweetie! cause i am like a product which has been newly improved && tested under robust conditions..nyahahh!
but dont worry, dear..i dont intend to steal yar place. relax. remain sanguine..i might develop intracranial hemorrhage due to improper handling of opportunities && threats tat could lead me to comatose or permanent insanity..huh?! unsa na pud ahung gepang jaojao? bang! nyahahh..am xoo over..TOTALLY! blehh. :p

anger. frustration. disappointment. betrayal. GRUDGE. all are rolled into one word: challenge. but i am pertinacious to win tiz time around. *wink*

rock owwwwn!


J-E-B-A said...

maajO! naa ra kOs imOng LikOd kanOnay. cOunt On me!

igatmate said...

ana igat! fight! fight! fight!

Anonymous said...

That's it! Fight over life. It's all about challenge and how you cope up.

Kattt said...

Sure your fingers have deadly brain! hehee. prove to the world how tought my beauty is!