effing committments!

oftentimes, fate has a tragic sense of humor.
just when you are truly, madly, deeply into tat person..the more tat person becomes elusive. && just when you are about to declare singlehood the more tat person becomes reachable. :?

happy endings. break-ups. damn!
how i wish i could elaborate more on those topics..happy endings are just way out of my league..&& break-up? will always be break-ups.

i dont believe in “happily-ever-after stories”.) and never will be..but there was one time tat i almost believed in ever-after romance..believing tat distance doesnt matter at all. hah! tell tat to the marines..i am NOT buying it! :p

they’ve been a couple for almost 2 years..distance has never been their predicament. they would call each other almost every night..sometimes i would catch her smiling at a certain text message knowing tat he’s on the other end of the line..communication is frequent..i havent met the guy yet && perhaps there’s no way for us to meet face-to-face. [[how sad..]]
however, who cares anyway? duhh!
long-distance relationships dont last long. trust me! sa ma igu lang..

note para sa kadtong na igu:
i know tat there are many discrepancies in my entry..forgive me. but i hope tat you will still read it. :j


J-E-B-A said...

Okay ra man ng LOng-distance reLatiOnship Oist. naa ra jOd na ninjOng dOha jOd

igatmate said...

i agree w/ jeba...
it's a matter of understanding lng na.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's your opinion.