once upon a time..

there's a reunion story–-an ever-popular theme.
but why is it xo famous? what is it about the “start-all-over-again”,) tat fascinates us xo? is it the opportunity to relive an old flame and see what has changed && what has not? or is it the moment to recall what went wrong && get it right tiz time?
because we all know tat our first love may not be our true love..but when it is, getting it right can cover anything from tat first earth-shattering, toe-curling kiss.. to.. well.. let’s find out! =)'

03.10am. much has been said about people tat dont really exist.
it's time for me to dose off to sleep since the windows of my soul are already closing [[over! haha..nag binayut na pud ang oka mama! haiee!]].


J-E-B-A said...

ngbaLik na jOd d.i mO? ahwww!

igatmate said...

reunion hap! bantay lng gyud na sya og i-hurt ka nya... ako na mo-atubang!

luv u, miss u igat! ='*

Anonymous said...

I can see to it that u guys are way popular as expected. i mean, imagine talked about my different mouths?! and take note, u guys have FOLLOWERS. LOL!