missing mi la abuela on her very day..

tiz was my post last March 24th, 2k8
just reminiscing those moments.. :c

been a week ago since she passed. && just tiz morning, we waved our final goodbye..

i never felt any weaker..any pain..
i know i've been preparing myself for 10 years already..it’s just tat, lahe jud ang expectation sa reality..

i thought when tiz time comes, less tears would fall.
but i realized tat anticipatory loss is just a way of compensating..at least, dili kaaju dugai ang mourning..but then the pain felt would always be there && tat suxx bigtime!

am gonna miss MORE the person who brought me up when i was younger..

the person who used to be the reason why i took up nursing..

&& person who means LIFE to me..

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J-E-B-A said...

imOng LOLa ester nOh? tig-adtOan Lagi mi sa injO sauna