the thing is, i have no desire or whatsoever to delve into the reasons why a skank like you out there would love to steal other grrls' men..i just want to let you read tiz to let you know && to orient you to A LOT OF REALITIES yar decadent mind might be or is actually not processing..
I DONT CARE what yar reasons are && neither do i give a damn about what you have to say..i do as much wish you all hell..&& pray for yar ugly demise to eat you up inside out.. :j

lemme just remind you tat some people are in relationships for reasons beyond which a poorly comprehension mongrell like you could fathom..it's too ironic to use the term love in such a hateful note like tiz one..xo let's just say, IT'S RESPECT FOR ANOTHER PERSON YOU CONSIDER YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER..when the term significant other is used..it means THERE ARE ONLY TWO PEOPLE in tat bond..no more; no less. anyone outside it..is what everyone else calls..&& what you would like to call YOURSELF: THE BEST THIRD PARTY.
neither you nor any other individual outside of tat relationship can do yarself good by just backing off xo as not to humiliate yar dignity..tat is if you have any. you do not have the slightest..&& i mean even a nanogram of right to enter tat bond and destroy it for the sake of yar fun && shallow reasons of jealousy..you may say, "jealous",?? YES! YOU ARE JEALOUS, YOU WITCH! for grrls like us are loved..while witches like you are shunned.
he left you cause you suck! && my man wont leave me not because you suck..but because HE LOVES ME. an insignificant fly like you wanting to get a piece of my meat certainly wont survive in the desolate emotions tat bond us together..for not all men would give up their fine women for an INSECT like you! you think you have what it takes to please a man?? fine. let's say you do..but not all men just want to be pleased..real men want to be happy. you sucking up to him wont move a man like mine.. [[feeler ra kaaju dahh..duhh! ge kapui na sija nemu! move on grrl! it's been like a year na mung OVER..hello?! mag hunus dili ka! wa na kai right. *to the left. to the left.* you left! LEAVE!]] :p

i can forgive you if you dont respect me..i can pity you if you dont respect yarself, BUT && i mean it..NEVER EVER disrespect my man by thinking for a second tat he's gonna leave my side for a person as UGLY as you inside out, up && down..i dont care if you mean it as a joke or as a hint tat you want a piece of him..just by giving tat idea out means ya'r just a cat in heat meowing on a roof wit yar hind legs spread && tail brought down in surrender.
you may think yar motives arent clear..but women like us born wit pedigree know tat you wish in yar groin tat he would take yar joke seriously && give you a booty call..daaaayyyyuuumm grrl! ya'r sick inside out! to think, you even considered tat idea? whew! totally demeaning..i mean..seriously! LOOK AT YOURSELF..ghaaaaad! how yar parents brought you up in terms of manner is simply appalling..&& how they gave you tat scrap of their genes shouldve been enough to let you know yar place.
you think you can get any guy you want single or taken..just xo you could feed yar ego? && dont think tat's an insecurity issue..YOU'RE JUST LOOSE IN THE HEAD..too bad for you..pitiful && extremely abominable. XD

it would have been understandable if you were beautiful; but for crying out loud..you are without a doubt UGLY && undeniably DISGUSTING. you look like a premature Neanderthal who lived underwater eating crab poop for a century..wide set forehead, thick lips, dirty dark skin, && the hair? seriously?? dya even know what a mirror is?? or have you just been staring at the wrong reflection?? puhleeze do check once again what you look like..cause i can no longer count how many times i said UGLY in here.. :x

if you think am the kind of grrl who just shuts her mouth when you do something disrespectful to anyone I CARE about..then ya'r wrong..am the kind who fights back && places disheveled worms like you where they belong: underground.
xo honey, the next time you press those keys and MAKE UP STORIES about my boyfriend..[[steal him && it's gonna be easy cause am far away]]..always keep in mind tat I AM NOT HALF THE SLUT YOU ARE && YOU'RE NOT HALF THE BITCH I AM!
dont think tat you are free to say whatever you want about me && my man because i did not do anything to you.
why sucha "BIG FOREHEAD",?! i mean HEAD WITCH??
i didnt do anything to you..&& yet you made everyone see how little you think of me..you started tiz! i may have the brains..but i also have the brawls..we're both educated..but i can be DIRTIER than you..&& i assure you at the end of tiz misdemeanor, you'll be bathing in yar own shit && eating yar own crap..
i dont care how obstreperous you are..&& i dont care about going down to yar delirious level anymore..just to give you a good beating && a bash in the head to remind you tat you are a piece of crap..and unless you change && put yarself in place..YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYONE WHO CARES. in the end ya'r gonna die wasted && laid, but alone wit a rotting breath.
am not even trying to compete wit you..i dont care if you think it's fun..cause the people around you may be laughing..but they're also telling me stories. it would have been okay to joke about tat as long as ya'r someone innocent..but noooo! YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT. you are a chronic slut..&& therefore have no right to make jokes about tat.
may i remind you tat my pedestal is higher than yours && i can easily crush you wit it!

my man may not care about yar existence && i dont either..but i will certainly enjoy making a mess out of you && yar life..
sucha minuscule non-existing piece of garbage like you shouldnt be taken seriously..instead you should be made fun of..after all, tat's what ya'r already doing to yarself. XD
you look like a "MANANG",) to him..&& he's not the kind to dig in any hole..i, on the other hand would love to dig a hole FOR YOU (to be burried in) or ON YOU (shall we put it on yar wide forehead??). either way, ya'r just a piece of crap to me..&& to the rest of the Bitches whom you think little of..you will remain tat way..a disease society has to get rid of.

you dont know who are you messing wit..I CAN BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, baby. :x

Note: lots && lots of comments are coming..&& i really appreciate yar hit backs, guys..but sad to say..in order to avoid further chaos, i have to omit those.
y'all are allowed to react to any of my posts, but NOT tiz one. do understand. :j

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