separation anxiety

am always like tiz..separation has always been the toughest part for me, which i can do nothing. but tiz one's different..

am always excited to come home..but right at tiz moment, i wanna stay in Cebu. ö
i had become familiar to his presence. ö i have appreciated all the smalls things tat charmed me at first..&& here i am! taking a step back..to see myself from an other perspective, from the eyes of our entourage..just to analyze if i have made the right decision..only to hope tat tiz separation will not end our story together..but only open up to a greater chapter for us.

in the future, where we belong. ♥

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beautiFOOL said...

"Six Degrees of Separation" is a theory which claims that any two given people on the planet are linked by a chain of only six mutual acquaintances.

I guess you guys work that way... ;)