199th day.

i just picked him off to sail back to where he really belongs.
i hate to admit it..but am missing him na. arrrgh! i hate tiz feeling of yearning! :s

i love rain..&& always will.
but for the first time, i got annoyed wit the raindrops hitting on my face..it hurts alooot! it felt like i was having my derma, && stuffs like tat. and worst, i was badly worried on the person behind me..he was bringing his precious water/rain-sensitive gadgets. okay, i accompanied him using my bike..twas struggle. he might not complain..but i knew he wasnt okay wit tat. but somehow, the thought of it as tiz moment makes me smile.. ü how we "made it through the rain",)
i honestly never had tat kind of adventure before..xo i guess, twas pretty much an experience! XD
dont get me wrong..i still love rain. ü

speaking of it..yay! it's raining again.. ♥
i cant help but marvel what could have been if only he's still here wit us.
he used to grasp the pillow during these times, && i would hug him tighter in response..he'd grab his favourite long sleeves [[the punk-looking blue checkered jacket]] && we'd drink coffee together [[he usually doesnt drink coffee much..but not wit me anymore. hihi]]..i would invite him for us to get soaked in the rain && go straight to sea afterwhich..&& whether he'd say it or not..i know, it's his desire. haiee.. :c

hours more to go && we'll all wave goodbye to 2009..a goodbye to all our tears shed && smiles shared over 365 days.
i still cant comprehend if i should be happy or what..all i can perceive is tat am missing someone..&& tiz "someone",) is insurmountable to be wit me right now..haiee.. :c


dork said...

i really love this <3

AnniSwine said...

i luv rain pd!!!