ya'r my NOSTALGIA! ♥

i miss our daily rides.

i miss our silly carves (two-in-one carve && motor-carve). ü

i miss our everyday sea bath? lol

i miss yar messy hair && the way i grab them.

i miss how i touch yar face.

i miss when i stare in yar eyes for like minutesss.

i miss yar teeth grinding, snoring, && twitching.

i miss yar innocent look as you sleep && yar messy face as you get up.

i miss the struggle for a comfortable sleep on the sofa.

i miss yar look when you suddenly hesitated in front of my family.

i miss how you pinch me && how i hit you back.

i miss those naughty things.

i miss the sound of yar laugh.

i miss the way you comfort me.

i miss how my Bitch grrlfriends make fun of you.

i miss how ya'r tryna deal wit the Kids.

i miss the feeling of being in yar arms..the unexplainable feeling of SAFETY && being LOVED.

i miss how you hold my hand.

i miss the way you kiss me.

above all, i just effing miss YOU!


Anonymous said...

grabeh na jod sa kamingaw relc? ;)

beautiFOOL said...

Missing someone so much is like cutting your wrists little by little...

AnnieSwine said...

i miss u... ♥♥♥