at first, i NEVER really cared who you are..but now, I DONT KNOW WHO I AM WITHOUT YOU. ♥

we've known each other since time immemorial..hummm! since last year uist! hihi..i can even remember how i've first noticed yar existence..
we were outside VSMMC Delivery Room Student's Lounge when all of a sudden Wrolie started tiz crazy "group sharing" idea..
right there && then you caught my eye..i even acted silly when i told my new-found-grrlfriend how stupid-looking you were. ooopps! no offense.
i dont know how or when it started tat you finally made a glance on me..not just a mere glance, mind you..we became closer && closer [[i hope you noticed..]] each day..shared common interests like internet, art, && music especially during those sick days && session nights..until i realized tat am falling for you. && yes, i do admit tat i just used you to spite someone. am sorry. yuhh right..am callous && definitely a bitch!
but puhleeze believe me when i say tat i have a thing for you..&& twas pissing me off every minute! i thought tat you belong to someone else..i just cant help it! i did everything just to get yar attention..you were near yet xo far way back then.

&& the worst thing happened [[i honestly did not expect it..&& especially NOT from tat cheap-looking big forehead of yours, uhh..i mean, witch. haha! ö]]. i kinda had struggle wit all of those just because of tiz single person..&& i wasnt liking it! i wanna fight back..but i was stopping myself. i've had enough chaos. haiee..faets. :c

i once wish i could never see you for centuries! i wish i have never met you xo tat i wont fall tiz hard..you made me fall xo hard into something i DONT even know && believe in..it didnt make my life miserable..but! i wish i could turn back time && never pay attention to you. && i decided tat it's time for me to go on wit my life && focus on tagai..hihi i was getting along just fine wit alco-music && i can say tat we're happy together..then one day, you came back [[pug sanai di ai tu noh?]]. lol

twas like a deja vu!
we became closer each day especially on the subjects tat interest us both. && what i love the most is when ya'r interested in something tat i strongly dislike.
you asked me once what i like..i just shrugged off my shoulder && said: "it would eventually come..just wait",) you may not ask me the right questions..but i have already given you a chance to prove yar worth..

then bang! fireworks && sparkles happened! <33

i never really expected tat we could reunite..but i guess tat's how fate? works. haha [[i really DO NOT believe on tat thing..the least you expected, the more it is feasible. :o]] now, only time will tell..but am wishing tiz'll last foreve--[[oooppss! i dont want to put an "r" because tat would be the end of forever.. ö]]!
i wanna hold in my heart the moment -— when i couldnt be happier, when i couldnt love more, when i know wit finality tat heartaches are over, && when wit certainty..i know..i am being loved.
&& wit all these, i am very thankful because I HAVE YOU.. ♥

ao, happy 24th di ai. XD

yes, I LOVE YOU idiot! <33


Aimee said...

soooo sweet :))
ganahan ko mobasa ug mga ingani na post.. hahaha.. really from the heart <3

your love's almost tangible na, like i could almost touch it by just reading! weeeeh!

stay in love :)

necat0r said...

hihi..tengkyu Aimee. wii!
i hope. i hope jedd! ♥

beautiFOOL said...

You're really in love. should i still have to great you a HAPPY heart's day? :)

Anonymous said...

kyata aning vayeeetch!! vera ra au k yedzzz.!! -go june fio

AnnieSwine said...

soooo in looooveeee! <33333
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
8 hearts for u!