love, it's a special day.
we should celebrate..and appreciate tat you && me found something pretty neat. ü
&& i know some say tiz day is arbitrary.

love, i dont need those things..
i dont need no ring. i dont need anything.
but you wit me cause in yar company i feel happy..ohh xo happy && COMPLETE!

&& it's a good excuse..put our love to use baby, i know what to do..
baby i will love you..i'll love you.
i'll love you!
xo wont you be my honey bee?
giving me sweet kisses all the time..be mine..

be my Valentine. ü


pinky said...

<3 <3 <3
i love you thumb!

AnnieSwine said...

pastilan! ka in love nnyu oist...suya lng ta dah...