keeping my feet off the ground.

i have lost my appetite for writing. obvious ba? i do not regularly update my blog anymore..honestly, i have xoo many things to share. the problem is..i dont know where to start!? ö i really need a starting point. STAT!

lemme just begin wit a quote shared to me by Karie..she said, "many things change..yes, many things BUT not everything".) the things tat happened to me in the monthsss were treasure box-worthy! ü

no amount of jargon could ever describe what i generally felt on tiz 2010 fondness of mine..still, my life is amazing due to abnormalities surrounding me everyday. XD


igatmate said...

grabeh evryday jd noh? wa jd nabong???? relcky igat!!!!!

AnnieSwine said...

who's surroundng u evryday huh??? hehehehe...ayeeeeeeeee! <3 <3 <3