the unfeasible quarry..

Keri Russell once said, "sometimes it's the smallest decision tat can change yar life forever".) && Arnold Bennett was once quoted saying, "any change..even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks && discomforts".)

why do i have to make decisions? why cant i have both??
it's like am talking to a Devil who's offering me two tempting choices..&& when i've finally decided to choose one..he will still bring me down to his paradise called HELL. dayyyuuumm! right now, am experiencing an emotional turmoil tat leaves me hanging in midair. it's hard to choose between a life tat I SHOULD have && a life tat I WANT to have..&& it's even harder to decide whether to give up tat one thing tat could make the people around me happy in pursuit of my own happiness..but i just did. ö
humans as we are, there would always come a time to ponder && choose only one path..&& even if my eyes carried heavy baggages under them..i guess my time has come to make a change && be wit myself once more. today, i am throwing my last card out..may it be an Ace or a club; it doesnt matter now..because i still have a diamond in my ice-cold heart tat can only be dig out by a potent spade.

chasing my track is a tough act to follow. giving up a possible life of financial stability is a stupid move but at least..i will no longer be asphyxiated by life's quirky way of making me indecisive, fickle-minded, eccentric, lunatic, && melancholic..sometimes i really thank my lazy self for those unfinished works..my quest for happiness started last year. whew! cant believe am living tiz kind of life..
am i really doing the right thing? choosing the right choice?? cana change my mind? damn it. tiz would be my last chance..xo i better be serious about tiz.
am keeping my fingers crossed..haiee! :l

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AnnieSwine said...

one word: goodluck!