the reason.

i dont want to love him the way i do..but i cant help it!
he's in every single thought i have; i see && hear him no matter where i go..i cant stand being away from him..&& i just want him to be mine..FOREVER! :s

i had no idea how much i need him. my life has been complete..


yes, he has to know tat i adore him xo completely. he has to know tat i have xoo much love for him tat my heart could burst! yes! i think he MUST know..&& now, even though i let him see such an ugly side of myself..even though am the one who acted like a fool..he's there..trying to comfort me. ♥
the truth is..i didnt want to see it..seeing him smiling like tiz [[because am always caught off guard]]. it makes me xo happy. && i never want him to stop smiling..even though i know he's not smiling because of me, as much as tat hurts to admit..hah!

what a sweet && sorrowful thing love can be! tiz && tat crazy out of control love..yay! XD

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