my enemy's friend is my FOE.

i think it's already time to answer his life-long question.
nganong di man jedd ka mu jam??

simply because i dont feel any belongingness..in the first place, i NEVER wanted to be friends of my foe's pals. [[friends sa ahung enemy, kontra napud nahu. pa sensya..damayai ang show ane!]] but fate is leading me to tat direction. arrrgh! [[lesud jedd makeg awai sa tadhana! i always lose. :l]] or maybe, Relc's Law strikes again: the more you run, the more you will be chased.

but it's not tat i dont like all these "Unidentified Walking Objects".) it's just awful knowing tat my world is different from theirs..i'd rather be in my long-dead-childhood friends than be in a rat-race backstabs && plastic joes. i mean, i cant handle the attitude okay?! i dont mean to be rude, but i dont fit in their dirty world. :l

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