away from home on xmas day..

it's one of the most awaited time of the year..it's christmas eve && here i am..updating and waiting for the clock to hit 12 midnight xo tat i can greet my beloved friends all over the world.
am not tat excited though..maybe because i dont have my family to celebrate wit, or because i have to report to work at 5am perhaps? either way, both are foreign to me. but i have my Dork wit me..am glad enough. ü
prior to tiz, we went to church. xoo happy to share moment wit the Dork as the fireworks started giving amusement to each && every church-people as the mass ended. afterwhich, we headed home and set up the table as we ate our [[Dork && i]] specialty—vegestable salad. yummm! =)' ima anti-veges person really, but not tiz one..specially tat i made it myself, && my other half. :p
&& xo here we are now, 10seconds counting..and bang!

i observed Dork's family as they celebrate the occasion..i cant help but compare the tradition of my family back in my homeland. it's wayyy fun && crazy.
i can still remember the program tat my family organizes for the whole neighborhood..the children's party/exchanging gifts before the mass, && the exchaging gifts/party for the adults after the xmas eve. there are even number of games && presentations..haiee..xo much of the things tat dont even exist anymore.
here i am, in a place where am THE stranger. but i dont regret any though..i still have work to do..my workmates are preparing for our potluck. for sure there would be bunch of foods‼ dont wanna be late..it's double pay time! XD

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