another 365-day journey around the sun. enjoy the trip!

am still young to be old! am still 23 && yet i feel like a hundred-year-old living in Home For The Aged! ö
kidding aside..today is the perfect time to revisit my yesteryears as a CDUsian, USPnian, && a Cebuano.

i used to tell myself tat i would never ride a jeepney cause it's hot && overcrowded. i used to tell myself tat i would never be labeled as “englisera”,). i used to tell myself tat i will never fall in love wit a Cebuano. i even used to hate Cebuanos for their frank opinions. i really hated their guts! xo much for depriving myself of happiness, huh? yeah.
but hey! those were just part of my undivided skepticism about the world. the moment i realized my mistakes for illicit generalizations..i ate my own words. in fact, it's crunchy in my mouth. hummm.. =)' lol

gone are the days of used-to-be's. gone are the days of sulking in the corner. gone are the days of mentally replaying only one ecstatic yet boring memory. am already past tat stage. another chapter—or better yet, another book—has started to unveil in front of the watching world. even though am not exactly where i am supposed to be now..i am more than happy to accept tiz kind of proposition though. tenkgyu to the person who made it happen..i never regretted for making YOU as my first step. whew!

&& having him in my life for more than a year is the best gift i have ever received..&& i hope the counting goes on.. ü

happy day to me! <33 

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khooolet said...

englisera man jd ka sauna pa te. ahaha