currently, my heart && mind are not in the mood to even say “hi”.) to each other.
i needed to get away. i want to stay away from someone..i have to..or else..he will be just another heartache on my door. i've been badly hurt before tat's why am in no shape for another personal screw-up now. one thing i need is a distraction..but he seems to be a perfect distraction—an alluring && tempting devil in disguise. arrgh!

i have lived A DAY without him..&& i truly wish to move on..
it's just one day though..but it feels like it's been xooooooo loooooong since i've seen him, since i've held him, since i've kissed him, since we've spoken.

the distance is TORTURUOS—the pain is still the WORST, to have him away from my life has to be some kind of curse! they say: "all things happen for a reason",) though for tiz instance, i am unsure.

have i really been tat bad person to feel tiz kind of hurt??
they say: "all things worth having take time",) but time is one thing tat i DO NOT have. because tiz pain i have feels as if it surely may take my life. :l

i never thought i could love someone as much as i love him..but then again..i guess the truth is tat i never loved anyone else BUT him.
i wanna get angry..but one glance from him, all fierce fade away [[sounds exaggerated, but daayyuuum! tat's how i feel]].

thus, i never hesitated when i told him tat HE IS MY LIFE.
i never doubted when i tell people how i feel about him. but he never think twice of saying tat his friends is his life. [[ouch]] who am i to judge anyway? they were there before i met him.
i just wish tat we were only JUST FRIENDS..maybe in tat way, he will tell tat he cant live without me, too. :c


khooolet said...

pak! ok ra ka teh? chat ta na! storya ta.

Anonymous said...

issue lagi ni?
hmmmm...kaya mo yan girl! magbalik ra lagi mo. pahungaw sa laman mo both. unya na mo pagdecide ug kalma na inyong mga utok.