i gave it up after almost 5 months of tiring myself && going home after 2:00pm. i swallowed hard before tapping the keypad && announce tat i finally made up my mind about resigning..i mean doing AWOL. yepp. you heard it right..AWOL—absence without leave. tiz is what i've been doing for 3 consecutive days now..
prior to tat, i cried for successive daysss just because i didnt know what to do or say to my parents—especially to my mom—about my sudden decision of leaving Aegis company for the better. but humans as we are..there would always come a time to ponder && choose only one path.

&& minutes after i made tat risky decision..countless of questions and reactions grapple over me, asking all the why's in the world! i undoubtedly have a reason..but i just cant simply tell them. *sigh*

i just hope tat wherever future will take me..i wish it'll be for the better. :l

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