the masochist

right now, i think i have my fair share of heartaches. back then, i am nothing but a typical college girl who never cared of what other people say && on how i look to other people's eyes..

now tat you are back, but still moons away..i really wish tat you had never exerted to say tat yar feelings for me had never gone away.
i guess am just tiz kind of girl who had made some questionable choices in her life..maybe get entangled wit the wrong man, for the wrong reasons.
welcome to my own web of deception! welcome to my chaotic abode. welcome to my empty domicile.
i regretted EVERY TIME i give chance on someone. i wish i had never done tat..i wish i never met him..i wish i never made tat risky decision in the first place.
i've been stabbed in the heart. i've been stabbed in the back. i've been pushed to the ground. && taken many a beating. but the part tat makes it the worst, is knowing tat all tat pain is coming from someone who you wouldve died for..someone who you dared to trust. someone..you thought would never do such harm to you. && even after all tat..you still miss the person he was before he changed. :l [[saktu pa ne?? pag laslas, Relc! puhleeze lang!]] but really! if only things are tat easy..i couldve leave him && NEVER LOOK BACK or even think twice!

ohh rayyt! i have to stay away from tiz feeling before i fall from its deceptive trap. i dont wanna get hurt..again. am not masochist. duhh! spare me from yar snake eyes, will you? :l
xo what's the plan? Escape 101 again?! haiee..the inevitable! i guess i might tell people to start calling me "runaway girl",) huh? yezer! i really think i need my forte..some place where i can easily blend in..where people do not judge you for who you are no matter how they do not understand you..somewhere..somewhere..
ohh puhleeze! am not making ANOTHER tricky accord, aiight?? naaah! too late. well..tat's what am about to blog after tiz.. ö

xo today, i realized tat maybe you were my accident..&& just maybe i'll never recover.
but tat's okay..because at least, i know i fell for someone wonderful like you.. :?

is tiz goodbye??
hummm..i dont think xo. my mind's not ready to give up yet..haiee..xo i guess ima masochist afterall huh? tsk.

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