my fingers have mind on its own.. ö

it's already 57th hour away from him..still my mind's working like hell! :l
&& xo i decided to write him something xo to express the emotions within [[lesud na. am already 1% ahead to insanity. ö]]..
it goes like tiz..

xo maybe we were unable to climb the enormous mountain together. maybe we didnt get a happily ever after..

i'd love to say tat was fine wit me. i loved to say tat i enjoyed the past, && now you can move on. but the truth is, I STILL LOVE YOU && still want you, Sigh.

xo maybe you dont need me anymore..maybe you never did.
but i hope one day you'll wake up && realize tat there's no one else in the world like me..tat am one of a kind! :p
maybe you'll want me back one day..&& for sure tat day, I STILL NEED YOU THE SAME..
but i'll just stop hoping because some things are just hopeless. :c

if you want to replace me..go ahead, Sigh..
am not saying tat it wont hurt knowing you dont want me..but tat's okay. (i just really dont know if i can survive th pain though..)
maybe i'll just think tat at least, at some point..we shared something, && you felt the same way i did.
&& xo now, YOU CAN BE HAPPY.

but the truth is, no matter how far we may be..no matter what you might say or do..MY MIND ALWAYS FINDS A WAY TO END UP THINKING ABOUT YOU.. :l

&& the music tells it all:

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