here comes love again..

most people i know are looking for love—the single, the married, the free..everyone!
when i was young, i used to think tat love was just love..no qualifications there. then i realized tat love wasnt just love..you see, you dont just love..you can love a little..you can love a lot..you can love deeply..you can love foolishly..you can love forever..&& you can love again.
we are not obliged to love..but when we do..we just do.
it's hard to explain why we see something in someone tat no one sees. why our hearts beat faster for one person against the rest..why we can forgive someone for sins we cannot forgive others for..why we love someone && not someone else. we can choose to love someone easier, but we choose to love someone who makes life harder. ö

now they wonder..why do i love tiz guy?
am not even loved back..or maybe he does..but it just doesnt show..
you see, i can choose to move on..i can choose to forget..i can even choose to give up. but i prefer to love instead, no matter what.
i suddenly remember what the Genie said: “there is only one wish i cannot grant you..tat is to make someone love you back.."

i can love..or not love at all. as simple as tat.
but i chose to love him. no questions asked.

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Anonymous said...

mo praise na ko nimo relcy!