tiz is what my friends hate about me..

i love how i never really cared about whether a guy liked me or not..then i met you. you became my whole world. you cared && loved me all the time..tat was all tat mattered.

but then it began, an era dominated by one all-powerful entity which i was caught off guard..then i felt it, the fact i hate the most..i feel like am losing you after all these years && there's nothing i can do about it..because the outlook doesnt look very promising.
tiz is one of the trying time for me && it hit my reality..i just sit here trying not to cry while am missing you && trying to change my very vision of you. you've always looked && seemed perfect to me..tat's obviously never gonna change.
i guess am just wasting my time trying to change a fact just like tat the sky is blue: i loved you. i still do. nothing's gonna change tat. not the looks you give me..not yar words..not even yar actions.
xo IGNORE me. REJECT me. it's fine.
I CANT CONTROL YOU..but ya'r burning through a world of CHANCES here..

my only hope is tat you wont hurt yourself while doing it..

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