came home exhausted..still thinking about you
checked the inbox only to find tat there is NOTHING NEW
it's like hoping for the sun to rise in the midst of heavy rains
we better have tiz analyzed before i turn insane
&& all i ever do is understand yar usual SELFISH side
how come it comes down to nothing when I'VE SWALLOWED MY OWN PRIDE??
cant see what's the point in being yar slave for eternity
but i stand here waiting..enduring the pain tat's killing me..

sun has fallen from the sky,
stars no longer shining,
purple sky has turned gray,
&& it makes me want to scream.

am sort of thinking how about me leaving you?
will you cry?
will you sigh?
is there anything you wouldnt do?
then will you buy my patience?

how come i cant turn you down??
am xo confused && xo inflamed
i just cant stand to see you frown..

i will stand here waiting by the time the sun comes falling
i will be there for you..no matter what you say or do
i will be there for you..cant stand it..

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