the time has finally come! ya'r embarking on yar next stage in life.
you really are leaving me..yet you dont know tat i miss you xooo much..you dont know tat i spend everyday thinking about you. i really miss you, my love.

while ya'r starting yar next adventure..am stuck, left behind while you forget about me.
i know you'll meet other girls..it's going to happen all the time. but they will never feel the same way tat i feel for you.

everywhere i go..i look for you..even though you could be far away. there is a part of me tat just wants to run up to the next time i see, && kiss you xo i can leave you and know what it feels like to have kissed you..

i cant bare the thought of us forgetting each other, growing old && apart..i would rather grow old together..but i know it wont happen.

xo please, do just one thing for me..
never forget me?

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