a slap in the face. a punch in the stomach. a kick in the arse.

when i lost the one i love, when he broke my heart..twas the hardest thing i could ever go through..&& no matter how much time has passed..it never really goes away. at times i think am getting better..but then wit just a flashback or even hear a song tat reminds me of him..everything hits me over again..all at once, like a stab in the chest! >.<
i fall apart for the hundreth time..&& i feel like i just wanna crawl under a rock and never come out. i love tiz person wit all of my heart, even though i know i shouldnt.

he hurt me worse than i've ever been hurt. he stole my happiness..yet i still want him, && ONLY him.

many doors open up..yet i never give them a chance, cause i know I DONT WANT TO..&& i know deep in me, am still hoping for something positive..
yet on top of tat, i am terrified..terrified of getting hurt again. but it's not like tat matters anyway..at the end of the day, am still thinking about tat person who has left me completely broken.
i dont want to miss him anymore. i dont want to love him anymore..but i know i always will.

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