they say love hides behind every corner . then i must be walking in circles? :c

what i've learned cannot be expressed through words but rather feelings. i've learned tat it's nice to be important..but it's more important to be nice. period. (am but am never gonna be one..)
to feel noticed, to feel someone cares, to have the ability to make someone laugh or believe in something is worth more than any held position.
what i've learned is tat actions speak louder than words. whether behavior is directed in a positive or negative way..it affects people. it teaches you who to trust, what to believe, when to move on.
i've learned tat in order to become something more..sometimes you have to let go. by not taking any risks, you risk even more.
i've learned tat a moment is only time fleeing by, grab it or it's gone..tat things dont always work the way you hope for but you have to keep yar head up.
i've learned you cant wait for the perfect moment..you have to make the moment yar own because time waits for no one. you mustnt miss yar chance to let yar unknown feelings be heard..
i've realized i would rather regret something i have done than what i havent done because looking back on the past couple of weeks, if i wouldnt have done things i have..i know i would have regret not doing it.

but what i've learned most importantly is when it comes down to it..we all want to be loved.

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