yar first mistake was leaving me. yar second mistake was giving me the chance to realize i could live without you.

after you stopped talking to me, everything was black. i had lost my way..
i had forgotten who i was..what made me happy, what made me smile, everything tat made me me..but after a while, some things are coming back..not very fast, but they are coming. ü

i dont catch myself staring at walls on the verge of tears anymore.
i dont constantly day dream tat we'll get back together. i dont wish all those craps anymore.
i've start to realize tat i make mistake; you make mistakes..i have to, everyone knows..we're not perfect.
i've realized tat i have to forgive you for breaking my heart in order for myself to heal, even if you dont want forgiveness [[never did wrong? flawless?? pride lang yan tsung!]].
am starting to realize again who makes me laugh, who makes me love life, who gives me a reason to live..&& tat "who" is myself. i make myself do all of these things by forgiving..NOT forgetting.
i forgive you. but most of all..i forgive myself, for the stupidity of believing you, for trusting you, && for all the foolishness i thought myself to do xo..

am starting to see tat light at the end of the tunnel..i've started to get by hours without thinking about you..i've started to remember who i was before you..
i've started to LIVE again. n_n

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