concede. renounce. surrender.

i heard she wished she could say tiz to someone's face..

you've been hurting me ever since we met. i was even happy when you finally walked out of my complicated life..yar mere presence in my world is hurting me..always!
am tired of chasing after you. am tired of yar game. am tired of hearing yar sugar-coated lies && cheap alibis. am tired of being just a Second Placer in yar life.
what am i doing in yar world anyway? doncha think it's time for me to back out && call it game over?
i know tat you have a grandiose collection of girls in yar universe..xo i guess, erasing me in yar list wont hurt you. i quit, okay?
i need to get a life.
i have to find my happiness..just like you did.
i have to find someone to call my own..just like you did.
i have to move on..just like you effortlessly did. :c

but she cant. she wont. she isnt tat bitter anyways.
in fact, she's already contented of how things came out..she's happy, because he's happy.

i bet tat's all tat matters..

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