even if coming into my life means walking away too, i still THANK YOU..

ika ing BIE ku..

she did it! she finally calls it off..
i cant blame her. being there somewhere entails a lot of surprises..&& when i say surprises, it would include strange new feelings creeping all its way to the heart. <33

it started when she moved out && found back the excitement beyond her usual life. she had fun..gained friends as well as enemies perhaps? one activity led to a brand-new experience of tat little thing the hopeless romantics called love.
but..was it really love? or just mere infatuation??

as time passes by..she keeps on repeating his name on her head as she lays down on her bed at night..then..it happened! chit-chat here. seeing each other there. xo much for a whirlwind romance. && just like a negative, it developed into a beautiful picture. ü

they have good times together && spend more each moment getting to know each other. funny it was to know tat she became inspired to work every day, eventhough she knew tat irate customers would still fail her in one way or another. fortunately, someone would always come to her rescue..Justice League, i guess? kidding aside.
i believe she had found a hero in someone's persona. someone in her new life..someone she could see && talk to everyday..someone who is free. someone named Cyclops? naah. who are you kidding? me?? well..he looked like Cyclops in terms of eyeglasses? hihi..consequently he reminded me of Chris Tui (without glasses on) because of his cute insiiik eyes [[but many insisted tat he looks wayyy better than Chris Tui. Hayden Kho, as they say..fine!]]..but tat's just it! the possible future.

&& now, talking about past..
she learned to just treasure the memories of it..tat letting go doesnt mean giving up, rather accepting tat some things werent meant to be.

guess what?? the most awaited moment tat people wanted to hear..she decided to settle for her "new place". hummmm..
was it a good thing or a bad one? i dont know..i guess it's a yes && a no. yes, twas good since she has to let go. they're really no longer together..&& the guy i bet, has found a new one as well. it's sucha waste of time to stay hopeful in tat kind of romance forever, aiight? but no because..wala lang. basta..am sure tat she still has a “NO” aside.

now i am pretty convinced tat my friends && i have something in common..
GOODBYE, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.)
HELLO, “absence makes the heart look for another”.) ö

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