always be my baby..

before, you were just tiz tiny creature whom i loved to look after because of tat Cherubic look && those cute hair curls. but today, my LITTLE girl walked across the stage && received her diploma..wondering where the time had gone..my BABY sister now stood before everyone as a beautiful young lady. ♥

am xooo proud of you, babe..
ya'r xooo talented. you are very smart, hysterically funny, && beautiful inside and out. i cant tell you how often i talk about my incredible sister && brother..both of you IMPRESS the hell out of me!

&& soon, you will enter the hallowed halls of high school && will face a bigger responsibility..it'll be more challenging, it'll be more pressured, but it will be a hell of fun! [[depends on how you'll handle a situation though..]]
cause my secret is..everything is rough. NOTHING IS EASY. but doing what you love will always be worth it! XD

xo best of luck on yar "coming soon" adventure. i know, YOU WILL BE BRILLIANT!

i love you, shobe.. :x
PS: oye..ya'r indeed a certified well-groomed, babe.. :p

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