i just said it.

there's tiz guy [[i wouldnt call him a 'man' yet]] tat i selflessly love. been best friends for years, been together through ups and downs, thick and thin..&& when distance came in, everything just seem to change..
&& what happened? everything between us became awkward xo sudden, && in one second, we became strangers again.

tat's it? after everything we've been through we'd just give it all up?

my response? no, we'll be given chance..if not, i'll know where to stand. i can be patient enough to wait for him..only if he lets me. if for him, am not good enough && not worth the wait..it's his choice, not mine.
see? i cant be the only one who's willing to fight && fix things while the other is already giving up.

you guys out there, who knows no boundary about love..be man enough to fight for the woman you are willing to spend yar life wit before it's too late to do xo.
but first, learn to balance yar life xo you wouldnt have to sacrifice what's also important. no need for a prince charming..just a man, MAN enough to stand, brave enough to fight. dont just give up.

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