my Kryptonite..

falling in love wit you was the second best thing in the world. finding you was the first. ♥
but am sorry..i cant be the only one fighting..

am only human, capable of hurting. you've grown xo distant..&& i can no longer bear the coldness of you.
tiz Rihanna song, tat am listening right now—I Love The Way You Lie (Part II)—behind the lyrics, is what my heart speaks.
one day, you'll get to understand the feeling of being given up by someone. you decided to give up on me, && i understand. but here i tell you..one day, you'll know how it feels like..the pain of being left behind.
i still wish you the best && happiness. i love you, stranger..

right now, am living my life wit positive mindset..tiz burden inside my heart is what i cannot deny. i am no longer carrying those negative thoughts i used to have in the past because..it's troublesome! no matter how i act tough in the outside. there also comes a time when i get weak..&& tiz day, tiz very day..is one of those weak days i have in my mood calendar.. *shame*
because of tiz, realized tat i am a mortal after all..i thought i am super girl. :p

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