i love camera. but not tiz time..

com'on! cameras may not love you..but am sure you love cameras flashing on you..we do it vainly or dare to be seen publicly. for me, i find it casual (cause i know i would do the same if only..or depends upon the circumstances)..but we cannot assume generalization because some are simply vicious..HAHA. well including me..or you. just like what happened last time when we had our spa somewhere at Angeles City, i forgot the name..

spa is..bold && clear to read, the relaxation mode of place to be.
while i was trying to relax from my half done minutes of pressing soul..a flash suddenly burst from nowhere..i looked up && saw a couple taking snaps, 2 sits from my place..at first, twas "okay fine. for souvenir right..just take the damn photo && leave!". but here goes more clicks && flashes..ticks && ticks! HOW can we relax?!
i know i'll sound impolite to tell them to stop it (&& puhleeze! AM TRYING TO RELAX HERE)..xo the relaxation just didnt work xo good at all after i had tiz bad mood flaming me..&& wanted to break their nose bridge. brrrrrr!

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