his gift to her on his birthday.. ♥

tat feeling when someone texted you wit:

they were at the shuttle on their way home when their teammates FORCED her to greet him..she must admit tat was a caught off guard moment. it's either she'll say the words, and they'll tease them like there's no tomorrow..or she'll ignore it, and he'll think she really doesnt care. twas just a "Happy Birthday" anyway..xo there, she said it.
hey! to tell you..the word AWKWARD is an understatement.. >.<

&& he said "thank you" in response..but he texted her the rest..
the message was pretty short, but really bona fide..heartfelt. awww. n_n [[curious about the message? if ya'r smart enough..you wouldve known tat it is the second line on tiz blog, written in caps above.]]

can you imagine the feeling?? damn! tat was like she-thinks-she-just-died-and-gone-to-HEAVEN mode..
she was xooo effin' happy tat she could cry! ♥

tat was yesterday.
today is the day. today is his day! his very day.

but he has tiz philosophy same as hers..he takes no occasion; every day is just the same for him..no birthdays or valentines days && whatnot. xo she thought tat was the reason why he decided to file a leave for today. he doesnt want the cliche greeting part && the 'thank you's and smiling like an idiot in response. ohh boi! :p

she already greeted him HBD yesterday, xo she wanted it to be different tiz time..xo she texted:
CONGRATS, pretty boi!
you've made it through yar 365-day journey! hit yar next ride && enjoy the trip!

&& the reply?
can she just keep it wit her?? :p

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