welcome Karma wit open arms!

a friend of mine, whom i deeply care, poured out her emotions on her Facebook wall. and i know how she feels..we may not be in the same sad situation but in some way, i can relate to her. we once had a heart-to-heart talk about these things. she shared her story && i did mine. i may not know exactly how she feels..well, maybe close, but not exact—but i do understand her completely. xo here's the thing..

it's awkward, actually..but you can never please other people && do nothing except respect their space and decision. it's quite confusing at times && we may not know the reason why. i dont want to judge && make conclusive decisions..but as for now, what's on surface is what i see and believe first, && of course, the good intentions behind it. whatever the intention is..maybe it's good, maybe it's bad, no matter how we turn the tables around..it's irreversible that you have hurt the person.
well, karma has its way. what goes around, comes around they say.
maybe one day, someone would do the same to what you have done to tat person. yes, i have hurt the ones i love before..though unconsciously done..&& i accepted the karma behind it. well, it could be the same to the other, too..if he had hurt me, then like a boomerang, it would always come back to him. Golden rule is a Golden rule. it's unbreakable.

it's a good thing tat distance separated us..for us to grow fonder, to grow up to become a better person. maybe, just maybe, if one day we meet again [[i sure hope not]]..we'd be good as new. for now we've got to continue living. no matter how much the pain kills us [[though i doubt it]]..but pain is inevitable anyway. for now, we just have to grow up..&& hope for good.
ahh..good vibes! :p

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