Year Two

a long time ago, she was stuck on the pain brought by her past. but she was xo done wit tat..she welcomed her acceptance stage with open arms. DABDA eh? she knew anyways that she can be happy. she must be.
when she left for a good reason..she must admit, it was the toughest decision..ever! it did hurt. but part of her says it is for the best.

2 years now since she left, and thank goodness she is xooo over you. you actually gave her the freedom to find her own happiness. she loved you, she did. however, she cant imprison herself to the illusion of love..reality reminded her tat. now? she just have to content herself of knowing you are happy..&& somehow, it makes her smile knowing she made the right decision after all. n_n
moving on wit her life, she met amazing people who gave her strength. she met new friends, too..&& life was better!

after her visit from her homeland, Mantahan, she was asked by someone if she met you..&& if she wanna see you again. without a doubt, she said NEVER. yes, she never wanna see you..you didnt really have a formal closure, xo she cant expect anything if she'll see you..she might sh*t brick. hihi. but hey! nobody can deny the fact tat you will always be a part of her, no matter what.
thank you for entering her life. now she IS a better person. ü

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