bl0g fr0m tabaCHINGching

Being away is taking its toll on the boy. He has been in a strange luke warm mood lately, and feel so out of touch. He misses his "taba CHUI chui" so much. He misses the girl like crazy! That's pretty obvious. And everything here just reminds the boy of the girl.

Looking back yearsss, through everything that has happened, who would have thought that boy and girl would be together. Against all the odds, it happened. They made it happen.
As it rained on the street, there was nowhere boy wanted to be with but with girl. As it drizzled, there had been no one else boy wanted to kiss more than girl. 365 years later, he will still want no other woman. As it rains, so are they reminded of how inevitably perfect their meeting and subsequent love story was.

Boy will always love girl. As sure as it rains in this world.

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igatmate said...

oie!!! buhi pa di ay ang memory ni ching??? i thought imo ng gi lubong uban sa kng jack... hehehe

btaw, nice baya iyang blog igat! katagsa ra laki ana. aw lgi! NO RECYCLE. leche! asa na di ay imong recycle bin?