hey kids!

it's that m0ment, where i gasp f0r breath between each laugh. it's th0se m0ments where i get high off just breathing in xo deep..i feel my lungs getting c0ld.
f0r a sec0nd, tat split sec0nd, i do n0t care!
i d0nt care b0ut sk0ol stuff, b0ut parents, b0ut m0ney, b0ut rules, or br0ken hearts.

who i care ab0ut are the "kids" sitting next to me..cause they're all i really NEED, aiight Relc?
th0se kids next to me.

yuhh, the 0nes who make me feel invincible..even at my weakest p0ints.

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igatmate said...

usa mn ko ani oie! hehehe
feeler much??? hehe