bring me to my weakness..

my misanthropist personality is just a veneer covering of my true self.."everybody lies anyway". hummm..spoken like the real Dr. Gregory House. :p

ohh..i just love the masquerade game!
you see..the reason why i wanted to be a performer is because i can dress up && act like someone i am not..it has always been a marvel to me as to how it feels to be in somebody else's shoes. i wonder how it feels to be an obsessive paranoid, borderline psychotic..hummmm! also want to try being the villainess in someone's life. :o i think i have tiz habit of ruining other people's happiness..hah! kidding aside [[ima converted bitch already..]]. i am just a devil's advocate.

sure i've been to different breathtakingly beautiful places-—Cebu, Pampanga, Bacolod, to name a few—-but i havent been in tiz quintessential corner called ME.

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igatmate said...

ka remember lng ko sa mascot no ching da... nahan ka mg mascot lng igat? hehehe