be my P..Pinocchio?

boys by nature would always give grrls the lamest excuse just to stay away from commitments. boys will be boys..&& girls will always be bitches. ooppss!

but tell me..how can you stop a guy from lying? why cant he just tell it straight into her face tat he's not in love wit her anymore?! come on, tell me! because i am mad right now..i wanted to kill someone && put him on the deathrow! arrrgh! maybe am too harsh if i will do tat..never mind..i just needed some time to make my heartbeat normal again. :l

am furious because someone just left her..she's my friend! && you know me..i dont want to feel my friend's suffering especially if it is cardiomyopathy. [[translation: broken heart]]

ohh..cut the crap! am guessing someone just started a party..&& i usually call it as the "third party".) isnt it fun?! yeepei! i dont have to be sarcastic about it..but hey! am feeling sarcastic anyway!

he doesnt deserve her! he doesnt know how to take care of a powerful woman..too bad..

if he comes back..i hope she doesnt need him anymore.
once a trash, always a trash..tat’s the Golden Rule! && Relc' Law: "DO NOT RECYCLE",) hihi

i hate the Lying Species of the Homo Sapiens..she could somehow see tat coming, i guess..&& if my guess is right..she would surely do anything && everything in her power just to get rid of tat sunken feeling of being broken..hummm! i smell something like an Escape Route Plan..xo what's cooking baby? she better cook something delicious xo tat she wont screw up tiz time [[though she really doesnt know how to cook..WTF!? :c]]. but i can even give her a lesson on Escaping 101. XD naaah..kidding aside. :p

i wanted to tell her tat she should forget about him..STAT! unfortunately, am not ghaaaad [[if there is..really]]. i cant give her the exact date, time, && location as far as forgetting him is concerned..all i can give are distractions in her life. if i would have to lie to her..i would! who cares anyway?

people always come up wit cheap alibis everyday, aiight?! tat's how the world works based on my point of view..xo sad, but true. :c if only she can suffer from Temporary Amnesia forever? [[temporary gane..boogets!]] haha! tsk. :c


J-E-B-A said...

'she' pa ta tahay. ikaw ra man gihapOn na ba. kLarO ana. hihihihi

Kattt said...

Hayyy boys. what more could you expect? they wont know what they're missing until it is gone. so let them be! they'll eventually come back like sick puppies!

I love you relky! i miss you!