stranger in my OWN life..

i am an alien in my own dang life; a tourist in my own body.
if someone had asked me what it was like, i would have explained it tiz way:
it's like ya'r driving a car..but ya'r sitting at the backseat. the car is driving itself, && ya'r not in control..but it's yar car! at least you think it is. it used to be yours anyway..
or like being in a movie. the movie is yar life..but you dont star in it anymore. someone else is kissing the handsome lead && making the dramatic monologues..ya'r just watching.

i am an observer in my own life.
i am not me anymore..but simply the memory of the "Relc" tat had been.

sometimes, am not even sure if i ever really existed!? :o

am i okay?? -- NOT!


Anonymous said...

charing! but nice sya gurl....asan b ang gud frnd kong c relc ha? asan mo tinago!!????

Kattt said...

Obviously, you're not okey that's the reason why you seemed to be not in yourself. all it needs is time. then one day you'll be surprise that the car itself comes back rushing to you, and the you'll be awarded for the movie that you played.