sick..in the head? yes.

i am sick.
tat’s the bottomline.

i havent been feeling well since the November breeze came in like the thunder && lightning in the sky..my body is no longer responding to physical excitement nowadays. [[anhedonia much??]] i just want to stay in my bed && sleep.
my bitch friend once told me tat sleeping is a form of suicide..daayyyuuumm! but she explained tat it’s only applicable to people who are depressed. since my case is the same..does tat mean am NOT excluded from tat category?? yay! mao ba? mao jud! hihi :s


igatmate said...

naa na sad ni sya aie.
ayaw sad... naa pa daghan ga luv nimo. papaano nlng c... K-Kkinsa to? hehehe

Kattt said...

Killing! no. just play the game called life.